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Double/Twin room

Bedrooms with bathroom en suite in a pure Tuscan Style frame. Convertible double beds can easily be turned into two single beds for a twin room arrangement, all surrounded by a pronounced rustic atmosphere. Ceilings decorated with beams and joists, antiques and details referring to the wine universe. Bathroom en suite equipped with comfortable shower box or shower with bathtub. This type of room has central heating/ airco centralized, sat tv, direct phone, minifridge. Outdoor furnished garden area. International Breakfast buffet always included in the quote for this type of accommodation.


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Masi Gift Experience

“Enrich your stay with unique sensory experiences to discover the gastronomic excellence in our territory, accompanied by the best that our cellar can offer!”

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And if you are looking for a room of a different and exclusive style, enter our guest house and let yourself be fascinated by the elegance of an Art Nouveau country villa
from €80 1-4 person

Two elegant rooms for two guests with king size bed or twin beds. These rooms are located on the first floor and equipped with closet , bathroom with shower box, air conditioning /

from €100
from €100 1-4 person

Together with the doubles, Villa Sestilia proposes another type of room: luxurious rooms for two or three guests with king size bed or twin beds. This type of room is equipped with

“Where the magic of old things echoes.  If left to dust they seem sad and fruitless, but if groomed with love they give all their energy back”

Via Collerucci 53, 50050, Montaione FI
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