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Authentic Tuscan Cuisine

The Real One

Since the day Casa Masi was open for the first time, we preserve the old wisdom of Tuscan tradition, far from the "industrially assembled" kitchen, primarily focusing on produces of our rich land in full respect of all seasonality. Also far from "culinary pollution", raw ingredients are elaborated strictly following old recipes, for example using goat cottage cheese, once the only milk type children could drink, chickpea flour for making handmade tagliatelle, sometimes alternated to the use of chestnut flour in winter. A gastronomic tradition to carry on, preserving knowledge of spontaneous plants of our land, recovering wisdom of grandmothers and their recipe books for syrups and marmalades, aromatic plants and special courses weaving stories of yesterday to those of our days tightly together.


The most precious of all tubers, served almost all year long in all its seasonal different types. A pure delight for palate and sense of smell, the truffle here at Casa Masi is employed for starters, first and second courses.

Let us delight you then with the purest taste of our land, enhanced in your place ... and in your wine glass!

La Gramigna al Pecorino

One of the most famous courses of Casa Masi, always available on every seasonal carte. A short, green spinach pasta served with a creamy sweet pecorino sauce, in contrast with the strong taste of a pinch of freshly grinted black pepper.

All served within a wheel of cheese, making Gramigna not only a delight for the palate but for your eyes, too.

Fried T-Bone Steak

The most peculiar of our second courses – our proud invention, a pure divertissement moment in the kitchen! This came up as exclusive plate, trying to give our personal interpretation to the way beef was proposed on the British tables, as t-bone steak was only introduced last century in our national cuisine ... before that, beef was rarely cooked, most of the times stewed to make a little more tender those hard meats, not suitable for being grilled. The recipe of our fried steak puts this type of meat cut together with the fried courses in general, as they were inserted in our culture during Renaissance. A rich breading covers our meat, exclusively fried on olive oil – as in Tuscany this was never missing!

Our Fried T-Bone Steak is always accompanied by a special sauce, la Capperata: its savoury and sour taste will make every bite irresistible!

The Wine Cellar of Casa Masi

Welcome to the reign of Lorenzo Masi, deus ex machina of our wine selection. A range of labels concentrating on regional productions, from small local wine productions to the most prestigious wines worldwide known.

A carte telling a lot about our land and all its wine areas, from Chianti to the Etruscan Coast, from the country around Siena until the Orcia Valley produces. An entire world to discover overlapping the regional boarders by proposing excellence of other regions as well, from Piemonte to Franciacorta, let alone the sparkles of champagnes for an unforgettable night!

Our Desserts

Set aside some room and time for tasting desserts of our production, the perfect conclusion to a gastronomic experience at Casa Masi! Perfectly combined to any of our sweet wines.

Table Reservations

Casa Masi is open from Tuesday to Friday for dinner, while on weekends you can join for lunch and dinner, too. Monday off.

“Where the magic of old things echoes.  If left to dust they seem sad and fruitless, but if groomed with love they give all their energy back”

Via Collerucci 53, 50050, Montaione FI
T: +39 0571 677170
E: info@casamasimontaione.it