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Book your stay

Apartments and rooms of different characteristics and composition for short or long stays, where each season intrigues you involving all senses. A place where to reconnect to nature, rediscovering stories of those who lived here in the past centuries, preserving old manualities, spreading wisdom of its territory and its hidden gems. Tuscany to live following the alternation of seasons, listening to fire crackling during winter nights, tasting truffle and wine, let yourself swing by the sound of cicadas on sunny summer days aside a pool, sipping a frozen Vernaccia with a book in your hands.

“Where the magic of old things echoes.  If left to dust they seem sad and fruitless, but if groomed with love they give all their energy back”

Via Collerucci 53, 50050, Montaione FI
T: +39 0571 677170
E: info@casamasimontaione.it