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"Cuisine is my passion. It's magic, continuous quest rooting back to the most intimate side of our cultural background" - Luciana Masi

Borgo San Benedetto

An old farm, its barn and hut now turned into 16 apartments. Charm of old times combined to leisure of our days.

Villa Sestilia Guest House

A villa in the country from the beginning of last century, now turned into an elegant Italian art nouveau bed & breakfast

La Tinaia

Better known as the house dedicated to wine, located in the back of Villa Sestilia Guest House. Enter the fascinating world of native grape varieties.

Che sapore ha Casa Masi?

Casa Masi propone esperienze che hanno il gusto e il profumo di questa casa, per portarvi nel cuore un pezzo di Toscana.

“La Sapienza è figliola della Sperienza”


“Where the magic of old things echoes.  If left to dust they seem sad and fruitless, but if groomed with love they give all their energy back”

Via Collerucci 53, 50050, Montaione FI
T: +39 0571 677170
E: info@casamasimontaione.it