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Masi Gallery

Casa Masi

"Cooking is my passion. It's magic, continuous research and it's firmly anchored to the most intimate side of our culture" - Luciana Masi

Villa Sestilia

Let yourself be enchanted by our Art Nouveau country villa

Borgo San Benedetto

A photo tour among all souls of our borgo

La Tinaia

Barrels, alembics and bucolic atmospheres: you room surrounded by nature

Wedding in the Borgo

The perfect destination wedding venue, where to host all phases of your special event: rite, nuptial reception, special moments to live with friends and family


An everlasting bond, a passion made of thousands of other passions: Luciana, Alessandra and Lorenzo. Portraits of Family and Love

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“È la magia delle cose antiche, che se abbandonate sono tristi e sterili, ma se accarezzate con amore restituiscono tutta la loro energia”

“Where the magic of old things echoes.  If left to dust they seem sad and fruitless, but if groomed with love they give all their energy back”

Via Collerucci 53, 50050, Montaione FI
T: +39 0571 677170
E: info@casamasimontaione.it